Growth in Alignment: Redefining Your Economic Model

Clients are placing more emphasis on how advisors help to achieve their life goals in addition to helping with asset allocation or investments. As a result, today's wealth management firms are adopting new approaches to client service to remain competitive. Our advice value stack (shown below) illustrates the value that wealth management firms can deliver for clients. As the value that's provided to clients change, your firm should consider following suit.

Discover Three New Growth Engines

If you're getting a majority of your revenue from helping clients achieve peace of mind, you should consider investing back into that specific value driver, aligning your sources of revenue with the uses of revenue... or where you invest. Here's a framework for how you may think about that alignment with these new growth engines:


Focus on These Three New Growth Engines

To help your firm become future-ready, you need to evolve quickly to align sources of revenue with the value you create for clients. Watch these videos for insights into each of the new growth engines.

The Case for Change in the Wealth Management Industry

Mike Durbin sheds light on how investor perceptions of value are changing, and how firms can realign their resources to help win and retain business.

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