Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions

Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions

We provide a comprehensive suite of enriched data, workflow tools, and support from analysts and technology experts to efficiently manage the lifecycle of a corporate action.

Choose a Solution that Best Meets Your Needs

  • Announcement Capture & Validation

    Edits, synthesizes, and reformats corporate actions announcements into a composite record. Access to multiple commercial data sources, highly skilled analysts, and leading-edge technology.

  • Event Management

    Combines validated, market-level information with a client's custodian or proprietary data. This configurable solution produces a composite corporate actions summary record and provides a dashboard to monitor key event dates and manage exceptions.

  • Election & Instruction Management

    Comprehensive end-to-end notification and response workflow tool that increases efficiency and controls risk by automating portfolio manager notifications and custodian instructions. The risk management dashboard provides greater transparency and enhances operational controls.


Analysts and in-house technology staff are available for research and support, 24/7.
  • Empower Client Growth

    Scalable modular technology which enables growth in both volume and complexity of corporate actions events.

  • Optimize Data

    Service-based subscription offering that delivers enriched, customized, and highly usable content to support investment decision making, identify operational priorities, and manage workflow.

  • Automates Workflow

    Workflow management tools that deliver automation to facilitate straight-through processing that keep pace with the latest industry standards and protocols.

About Us

Simplifying the Complex World of Global Corporate Actions

Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions is a trusted source for global corporate actions data and workflow tools that streamline activities across the lifecycle of an event and give clients the confidence they need to effectively process this time-sensitive information. We are a Fidelity Investments company and focus on quality, service excellence, and continual investment to meet the evolving needs of the clients we serve around the globe. We are also a service provider to many business units within Fidelity.

Meet our leaders

  • Will Dolan

    Will Dolan

    Head of Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions

    Will Dolan is Head of Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions, a Fidelity Investments Company. He is responsible for leading the company's strategy and day to day operations, managing the growth and scalability of the business, and leading the executive team.

  • Patricia Hagerman

    Patricia Hagerman

    VP, Business Strategy & Program Management

    Patricia Hagerman is vice president, Business Strategy & Program Management for Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions, a Fidelity Investments Company. She is responsible for leading the product strategy and new product development for multiple product lines, including a corporate action data validation service, workflow platform and a security reference service for pricing and trading.

  • John MacCune

    John MacCune

    VP, Operations & Client Support

    John MacCune is Vice President of Operations & Client Support for Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions, a Fidelity Investments Company. He oversees the operations team which is responsible for the sourcing and validation of the data offered by Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions. He also has responsibility for the overall client experience leading the client support functions which include Relationship Management and the day to day support provided to clients by the Client Service Team.

  • Michael Schrader

    Michael Schrader

    VP, Finance

    Michael Schrader is vice president of Finance for Fidelity Corporate Actions Solutions, a Fidelity Investments company. He is responsible for all financial operations, strategic planning, pricing strategy, client & vendor billing and contract management.


Data Management Review Awards 2015
FTF News Awards 2014

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